Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thang #2 - Kathy 2.0

First of all, I'm glad that the 2.0 gurus and gurettes believe that 2.0 needs to be embedded in the library's individual "culture" and be in synch with the library's resources (fiscal, staff, physical, etc.). That makes sense to me because not all libraries are created equal!

1) Finding time for 23 Things and my reasons for participating? Because it's a component of a class I'm taking, I have an external motivator to participate and complete =) Despite the fact that Things 1 & 2 are not new info for me, I am discovering additional layers of depth. I look forward to continuing this journey.

2) Internet's effect on my own time utilization? I use the Internet's resources continually at work for reference, reader's advisory, and other tasks. What's not to like about speed and almost instant gratification? I'm always aware of (and troubled by) the lack of evaluation that many Internet users give to the answers they find. Teaching users the skills they need to evaluate information is one of our primary duties in the library environment.

3) My knowledge level and my library's place? On a continuum, I think I fall somewhere between a rookie and moderately skilled user. On a personal level, I'm not all that interested in tech toys. I'd rather save my $$ for other guilty pleasures. Although I'd love for my library to be on-the-cutting-edge, I think we're doing almost as well as possible when dealing with a limited budget and a 1975 building that doesn't have enough outlets. I have a young, energetic staff, who listen to patrons, are tech-literate themselves, and are not shy about proposing ideas to try.

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