Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thang #10 - del.icio.us

Okay, I added tags (labels) to the rest of my 23 Things blog posts (I had previously done some but not all). I see the value of user-created tags; however, the inconsistency of them makes me "twitch" just a little (singular v. plural, misspelled words, etc.)

Question (because I don't know) - Is del.icio.us utilized as much now as it was? As I was clicking on links and looking at other libraries, it seemed that many had not been updated in quite some time.

I see the advantage of being able to create a bookmark list that is accessible from any computer, and that can be shared with others (students, patrons, others with similar interests). I think my library might utilize this technology in reader's technology to link readers with themes of interest. Our ILS and its overlay do implement tag clouds and personalize information for readers.

Finally, I didn't find del.icio.us particularly easy to navigate and wasn't really interested enough to spend a lot of time on following through to use it .

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