Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thang #13 - LibraryThing

YAY! Here's a "thing" that I had previously explored. LibraryThing is always helpful in jogging my memory on what books I've recently (and not so recently) read. When I first opened my LibraryThing account, I had fun creating tags for my entries although my "twitchiness" in creating the most appropriate, correct tag sometimes got in the way. I must confess that I'm not too faithful about keeping up the information.

Here's my LibraryThing book list:

New and pretty interesting was the library/librarian-related blog, which I enjoyed lurking. I think LibraryThing is a great personal resource for avid readers and readers interested in expanding their reading. I like the user-created content. I think our ILS is implementing a number of LibraryThing's popular features (reviews, reading lists, etc.) Therefore, LibraryThing may duplicate what the ILS is already doing. I think, though, that it's a great site to introduce to library users who may not already be familiar with it.

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